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DIGITNOW Trail Camera

The digitnow trail camera is the perfect choice for wildlife hunting, water hunting, wildlife fishing, or water fishing in a game trail. This camera has 16mp resolution and a1080p resolution for stunning images. It also has a waterproof rating and is water resistant. The camera can track people, animals, and products on one card.

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The digitnow trail camera is a top of the line camera that you can use to capture amazing footage of your wildlife in action. This camera is 16mp and features a v30 processor, a8 rear-view camera, and a lot of other features to make your hunting and wildlife tracking experience amazing. It also features a waterproof design so you can use it in harsh conditions, and a scouting game camera feature to help you track and capture the game on screen. Overall, this is a great camera for anyone looking to track and capture amazing footage of their wildlife.
the digitnow trail camera is a high end, 12mp1080p fhd wildlife scouting hunting camera with 30 fps. This camera is perfect for nature scouting and hunting in off-road conditions. With its 12mp1080p resolution, it can capture stunning details in low light. It also has a long battery life which will give you hours of recording.
the digitnow trail camera is a 20mp1080p waterproof game hunting scouting camera for wildlife that can track and monitor your game in and around water. It has a 5x digital magnification making it perfect for tracking game in and around the water. Additionally, the camera has a built in reflex mirror which makes it easy to see game in and around water.